Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back Online

I haven't made time for written reflection lately.  Actually, I haven't made much time for following the blogs of other folks, either.  Instead, I've spent pretty much all of my personal PD time (as opposed to the time I'm paid for) developing a student database in Excel.  That has recently stabilized and I'm now cashing in on it as a time-saver. More on that in other posts.

I'm struggling a lot with whether/how to post publicly.  Many of my reflections involve scenarios with real people (students, fellow teachers, administrators, etc.).  I would love to work things out with the help of others but am very concerned about privacy issues.   My decision: I'm going to open the blog to public view but mark any questionable posts private for now.  If I can pose scenarios in a non-specific way, I'll post publicly.