Sunday, October 14, 2012

Filling the Gap

Oh, if only I had been able to keep up with posting over the last few months!  As I look back, it's difficult to remember details about problems I had as a teacher, solutions I (may have) found, and so forth.

I do write up lesson plans before going in to each class and reflect briefly on each one as a required part of our program.  My comments are limited to about one paragraph and tend to be notes about how I deviated from the plan, why, and ideas for what is needed next time.  Maybe these can be provide input for higher level reflection in future posts here.

Come to think if it, there's another record I can examine: the Camera Roll on my iPad.  I've taken a lot of pictures of the board over the summer.  In addition to a review of my board management (well, lack thereof), maybe there are reminders of issues or ideas from the past ... Let's see!

courtesy of Joshua Neff

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