Friday, November 23, 2012

End of Year Cleanup

Having written about my "parking lot" (list of draft posts) last time, I decided to go through and tidy it up.  Now that deleting and consolidating is finished, I have10 posts in various stages of completion

Seven posts approach the same topic -- the role of emergent learning in teaching -- from various angles.  As I read them all now, I can see how they interconnect.  I may rewrite or reorganize before posting.  (This includes three of the ideas I mentioned in my last post!)

Hubby says: goal met! (Mt. Washington)
 Three can stand alone.  One explores a new issue that will be consuming a lot of energy over the next few months: our team's revision of our framework to address the state's newly-clarified (sort of) specifications.  The other two have been perpetual drafts.   In both cases, I had waaay more learning to do than I ever realized.  Time and again, I would try to get my thoughts together and each time I would give up. My inability to get it down in writing should have been a clue!  One story, which I will call "The Seniors English Club" has come to a conclusion.  I'm now ready to look back and reflect on the experience.  The other doesn't seem as if it would be all that difficult. We're advised in professional development and asked by our funders and managers to help our learners set goals, and there are many good reasons to do so.  Yet I have struggled to find an effective process -- one where the student and I can look back and see evidence of goals set and met in a meaningful way.  This is an ongoing effort, but I think I can now at least share my current thinking (now that I have some!) and ask for ideas.  I think I'll make this my next post. Please keep an eye open for it, because I could really use some feedback.

 A final house-cleaning effort will be to review and update my tags.  They need it!

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