Thursday, July 3, 2014

And in other news ...

Oh my gosh, things have been hopping around here lately!  Not only did I conclude the fiscal year at my employer (lots of paperwork) but I concluded my employment.  As a free-range teacher, I not only said goodbye to coworkers but to the fabulous librarians and staff at each of the places where I taught.  There was schlepping of agency-owned stuff back to the office and schlepping of my stuff back to my home.  And now there is learning the new gig ... with all the inefficiencies that that entails!

And why not take some personal time during this interim period?  Hubby and I took a trip to Greenwich Village over the last weekend. We met our nephew for dinner and a concert: Hiromi and the Trio Project at the Blue Note.

Thanks to our willingness to stand in line for, like, 90 minutes, we got The. Best. Seats. In. The. House.  No kidding, the guys could literally reach out and touch the piano bench if they wanted to (not that either would dream of doing such a thing, ha ha!).  I was a couple of feet farther away.

I've been to many concerts over the years and I really have to say that this one ranks among the very best.  I was rapt from the first note to the last.  If you can, do see Hiromi if she comes to wherever you are!

We also ate well (too well, perhaps ... I'm off to the gym in 10 minutes!), visited the September 11 memorial, and had a prime view of the Gay Pride parade which went right past our hotel.

For the remainder of the week, we are engaged in a "staycation", meeting with friends in the region and hanging around at home relaxing.  Ahhhhh ...

PS: Sorry for the lack of ELT content ... I have two posts actively in the queue, but they are both taking a lot longer than I anticipated to complete,

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