Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Post-TESOL Haze

Wow, TESOL was a blast!  There was so much opportunity to learn that I hardly stopped for a minute from Wednesday afternoon through Saturday evening!  As any convention-goer knows, the 15 minutes between sessions is hardly enough to get from one place to another in a gigantic convention center.  And, if you linger for a few extra minutes to ask a question?  Forget it!!  I missed a number of presentations that I really wanted to see ... but on the other hand, I stumbled into a few that I never would have seen if I hadn't missed out on my original plans.  It all worked out.  And I got a workout briskly charging down lots of long halls, dodging other intent ESL professionals ...

I don't plan to report on every one of the 14 sessions and workshops I attended but I would like to post some impressions and inspirations when I get a chance.  But first: catch up on all the stuff I ignored while at the convention.  Even if you wish really hard, it doesn't go away ... just piles up, ha ha!

piles on the work front

piles on the home front

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