Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TESOL Thoughts

Whew, I've caught my breath and am ready to comment on my TESOL experience!  I'll start with a few practical comments:

First off, I really appreciated the before and after blog posts from Joe McVeigh at TESOL.  When I attended two years ago, I had no clue about how big the convention was.  It was a lark and I had a good time, but I could definitely have gotten more out of it with a bit of preparation.  The posts were practical and many tips would hold for other conferences too:

Ten Tips to Get the Most from The Conference

What to do After the TESOL Conference

One thing that was personally helpful: I carried a travel mug and a couple of granola bars in my bag.  I kept the mug full and could pull it out for a dose of caffeine whenever necessary.  The granola bars supplemented a patchy food schedule.  (I met up with the teachers in my group when I could, but just hated taking too much time away from the sessions!)

Another practical tip for future reference: wear sensible shoes.  For the most part, my shoe choices were fine, but I saw others in very stylish footwear and I don't know how they managed!  Maybe they had athletic shoes at the bottom of their bag for the longer sprints ...

Speaking of stylish shoes, here's a great song sung by Patti Cathcart (good for an ESL listening activity, too!):

I'm still mulling over my notes from the sessions.  Hope to post some impressions soon ...

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